News: My Life in China

My Life in China

I have lived in china for 9 years now. I have lived in Shanghai and Hongkong. To me, I think Shanghai and Hong Kong are both very diverse places. Shanghai and Hong Kong have definitely modernized over the years and they are filled with people. Shanghai has been rapidly modernizing as a while back when I came to Shanghai, it wasn't as modern and there weren't as many people. When I came back, it was packed with people. Many young people here go to the clubs and shop along the road sides. The shops along the road sell many trendy clothes and "what's in" clothes as well. In HongKong, there are a lot of malls and it is definitely packed with people. You can also buy many chinese delicacies in both cities. Shanghai is known for their pork dumplings at a Restaurant called DinTaiFung. Their pork dumplings are called xiaolongbao, or else in chinese written as ????It is very juicy in side the dumpling skin. For those of you who go to hong kong, you should try their rice noodles. It can either be dry or with a stick gravy sauce. If Anyone goes to either place, what i recommend is to bring tons of many because there is a lot of cool stuff in china.

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